Eighteen B

Eighteen B is using b-silk™ protein to change the skincare industry one ingredient at a time.

Launched in March 2019, I’m putting the brand on a fast track to growth using email marketing and partnerships. I doubled the size of our email subscribers within 1 month, and then tripled it again within 2 months. In six months, we saw a 80% monthly growth rate month-over-month. I developed automations to educate and convert subscribers into customers, as well as set up a calendar for weekly email content and optimizations. Open rate grew by 4% consistently over the course of 6 months, while click rates and conversion rates doubled, increasing AOV by 170%.

On the partnership side, Eighteen B has worked with brands like The Helm, Union Wines, Hill House Home, The House That Lars Built, Bloom, Smith Tea, Splendid Spoon, Gravity Blankets, EWG, Leaping Bunny, plus dozens of impactful influencers across the lifestyle space.