Onomie is focused on merging makeup + skincare into a single, powerful product that delivers on clinically-proven promises.

As Head of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, I was responsible for defining the evolving mission of the young brand, and growing its reach across social media and e-commerce. My purview included everything from high-level brand strategy down to managing our social strategy and developing email automations with the goal of retention and conversion. 

Partnerships were one of my biggest growth tactics. We worked with brands such as Equinox, Unbound, Pantone, Parachute Home, Soma, modelFIT, Third Love, General Assembly, and Wellpath.

In the first six months of my career at Onomie, I grew Instagram followers 210% and email subscribers 150%. Through email optimization, I increased open rate and click rate by 3% each, and doubled conversion rates. This growth continued to drive an increasing sell-through, even without a product launch for over 2 years and limited PR resources.