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Contra is a professional community for the independent digital workforce, designed to reach gen z, not aging millennials (looking at you, LinkedIn). I was tasked to develop the brand pre-launch and improve the UX by working closely with their founding team.

Space Oddity Films is a content studio exploring tech & culture. I led marketing and business development within the branded sector of the company, finding leads for new business and partnership opportunities.

Voray is a professional community. I supported a brand strategy analysis and overhaul, from competitive analysis to advising on next steps for a one, five, & ten year plan to scale the company into a global lifestyle brand.

Skin Allies is an early-stage luxury skincare service. I served as advisor to the founding team to consult on go-to-market strategies, innovation within the skincare space, and strategize on partnership ideas.

Maria Marlowe is a Nutrition Health Coach, author, and influential presence within the beauty & wellness space. I defined and executed her affiliate strategy in 2017.

4th Street Food Co-op is a local food co-op in NYC’s East Village. From 2014-2016, I served as director of marketing, responsible for maintaining the co-op’s presence in an aging community quickly being built up with commercial competition. 

Umi is a food delivery startup for home cooked meals. In 2016, I consulted the founding team to help collect consumer feedback and create a referral program to build out a growth plan.

Newsfeeder showcased the most creative Facebook page posts made by brands. I curated posts to feature and managed the Facebook-exclusive community. 

Fashion Fille was a personal style platform I launched in 2008. I created all of the content and developed my own brand in the (then new) world of digital marketing.